Scale inhibitors :
Genesys  LF : Brod Spectrum Scale inhibitor brine conditions
LSI max                +2.6
Silica max              165 mg/l
CaSO4 Ksp/lpb       3.0

Can be used in Brackish or Seawater application. Will also chelate Iron and so helps prevent Iron fouling .
It has been approved for  use  in drinking water  applications type compatible with all membrane type .
Genesys  SW : Seawater Scale inhibitor-can be used in seawater applications without acid at low dosage.
Genesys RC : Co-polymer type Scale inhibitor designed for small R.O. systems, (<125 m3/day ) and recycle systems
where a portion of the Reject is sent back to the feed as a means of increasing Recovery .
Genesys  SI : Specialist Silica anti - foulant, will prevent deposition of silica at up to 230 mg/l in the Brine .
This sflgure will vary depending upon Temperature and pH.Genesys SI has similar performance to Genesys LF
against all other species .
Genesys  CAS : Specialist scale inhibitor for  Calcium sulphate. Brine CaSO4 Ksp/lpb max 7.0. plus similar activity
to Genesys  LF  for all other speies
Genesys  MG : Magnesium hydroxide scale inhibitor. For use in 2 pass, seawater systems where Caustic is added
to the feed of the 2nd Pass to aid rejection of boron .
Genesys  HR : Low does seawater anti-scalant for use in very large systems, (>50,000 m3)
Genesys  LF60 : For use in smaller Brackish R.O. systems where acid is also added.
Genesys  LS : For use in smaller Seawater systems where acid is added.
Genesys WB : For use in where dechlorination is needed but not provided .