Client: Sepanir Oil & Gas Energy Engineering Company
Project: Seawater R.O Desalination Plant- Container Type
Capacity: 10.000 m3/day

The Sepanir Oil & Gas Energy Eng. Co is main contractor for development of 22-23-24 gas phase in Assaloyeh.
One of the packages in their scope production of potable water for reservoir test and employee’s drinking water.
Wahang Saran was qualified as EPC contractor for design, procurement and installation and start-up of above mentioned system.
This system includes shore area well and its accessories pressurized sand filters, containerized SWRO, each 2000 m3/day and five units with total capacity of 10.000 m3/day. This system is completely mobile and easily could be transfer to another place. The energy recovery system is turbocharger. 

Client: Ptropars Group
Project: Seawater R.O Desalination Plant
Capacity: 1.500 m3/day

Petropars Group is main contractor for development of 19th gas phase. One of the important package among different parts, was water desalination plant for production of residents personnel’s in the area.
Wahang Saran in a tender in 2010 awarded in EPC format, water desalination plant with 1.500 m3/day.
This system consist of pre-treatment, three skids of SWRO, each 500 m3/d and post treatment.
One of the main index of this project, using ERI energy recovery system. ERI is most efficient system, among different methods of energy recovery systems.

Client: MME (Mines & Metals Engineering)
Project: Water Treatment Plant

Shadegan Steel Plant require different quality of waters, like demineralized water for process units.
Wahang Saran was awarded for establishing such plant in 2014. This plant consist of pretreatment which includes pressurized sand filters, activated carbon filters, cartridge filters, two skids of BWRO each 90m3/hr and totally 180m3/hr.
This plant is installed & is going to start-up in September 2016.

Project: Seawater R.O Desalination Plant for Production of Potable Water
Capacity: 10.000 m3/day
Due to water shortages in Qeshm Island, the authority of water and power organization intended to develop existing water treatment facility.
Since the existing water treatment plant was based on evaporation system and due to low efficiency & high operating costs which was due to cutting fuel subsidies, the SWRO replaced by such system.
In first phase of project, one complete SWRO with pretreatment, designed, procured and installed. This system include pressurized sand filters, 5μ cartridge filters, dosing stations and SWRO skids. In order to  reduce Boron content of permeate water, the first permeate fed into second pass of SWRO by increasing pH to 9.
In the second phase which Wahang Saran awarded in 2012, the similar plants was installed.

Project: Non-poisonous Industrial Wastewater Recycling Unit
Due to water shortages and few years drought in the central part of Iran where the big steel producers like Zobe Ahan Isfahan located, and threatening of water authorities in the region that priority of supplying fresh water from existing river changed into inhabitants rather than industry, the decision makers of Zob Ahan Isfahan convinced to re-use existing non-poisonous industrial wastewater for production of DM water.
In 2013, Wahang Saran awarded for such big & advanced project and scope of supply include:
-    Supply and execution of two line of GRP pipes for transfer of treated wastewater  to steel production hall
-    Design and procurement and installation of wastewater process units for production of 770 m3/hr DM water
-    Construction of process tanks
-    Civil construction of administration building
-    Procurement of all necessary equipment
-    Installation of equipment
-    Start-Up and 2’years operation of system