Project: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Arpanoosh is one of the main and important factories in production of non-alcoholic beer and other beverage.  
Wahang Saran designed and installed one compact and sophisticated industrial wastewater plant which consist of screening system, pre-hydrolyzed tank, correction tank, anaerobic UASB  reactors, Aerobic reactor and chlorination.
The main advantages of such system was compact, robustness and flexibility against organic shock loads. The influent and effluent characteristic is:
Q: 50 m3/hr ≅ 1200 m3/day
COD: 5750 mg/Lit
BOD: 2750 mg/Lit  

Q: 50 m3/hr
COD: 90 mg/Lit
BOD: 50 mg/Lit