Client: Sepanir Oil & Gas Energy Engineering Company
Project: Seawater R.O Desalination Plant- Container Type
Capacity: 10.000 m3/day

The Sepanir Oil & Gas Energy Eng. Co is main contractor for development of 22-23-24 gas phase in Assaloyeh.
One of the packages in their scope production of potable water for reservoir test and employee’s drinking water.
Wahang Saran was qualified as EPC contractor for design, procurement and installation and start-up of above mentioned system.
This system includes shore area well and its accessories pressurized sand filters, containerized SWRO, each 2000 m3/day and five units with total capacity of 10.000 m3/day. This system is completely mobile and easily could be transfer to another place. The energy recovery system is turbocharger.