Project: Seawater R.O Desalination Plant for Production of Potable Water
Capacity: 10.000 m3/day
Due to water shortages in Qeshm Island, the authority of water and power organization intended to develop existing water treatment facility.
Since the existing water treatment plant was based on evaporation system and due to low efficiency & high operating costs which was due to cutting fuel subsidies, the SWRO replaced by such system.
In first phase of project, one complete SWRO with pretreatment, designed, procured and installed. This system include pressurized sand filters, 5μ cartridge filters, dosing stations and SWRO skids. In order to  reduce Boron content of permeate water, the first permeate fed into second pass of SWRO by increasing pH to 9.
In the second phase which Wahang Saran awarded in 2012, the similar plants was installed.