Project: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Yeganeh Khazar Oil extraction factory, extracts soya oil from soya bean. The resulting wastewater containing vegetable oil & organic compounds which produce following wastewater with chemical & biological characteristics:
1-    COD: 3500 mg/Lit
2-    BOD: 1750 mg/Lit
3-    TSS: 1100 mg/Lit

Since, client intend to recycle completely treated wastewater for existing cooling tower & boiler feed water the existing selected process which could meet above environmental requirement, consisting screening system, oil removal system, MBR system. The selected MBR consist of biological Aeration unit combined with hollow fiber tubular bundles which could sustain suspended solids inside aeration tank and clear water recycled back to the system the result of few years operation revealed that up to 98% of COD  could be removed and turbidity of treated water could reach to less than 0.1 micron.

Project: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Arpanoosh is one of the main and important factories in production of non-alcoholic beer and other beverage.  
Wahang Saran designed and installed one compact and sophisticated industrial wastewater plant which consist of screening system, pre-hydrolyzed tank, correction tank, anaerobic UASB  reactors, Aerobic reactor and chlorination.
The main advantages of such system was compact, robustness and flexibility against organic shock loads. The influent and effluent characteristic is:
Q: 50 m3/hr ≅ 1200 m3/day
COD: 5750 mg/Lit
BOD: 2750 mg/Lit  

Q: 50 m3/hr
COD: 90 mg/Lit
BOD: 50 mg/Lit

New water treatment and cooling system
In 2004, INSIG decided to do renovation of existing furnaces with new and advanced Arc furnaces.  The water treatment and cooling system as a one package in a tender, awarded for Wahang Saran.
The scope of work was as follow:
-    Raw water reservoir concrete tank
-    Softened water reservoir concrete tank
-    DM water metallic tank
-    BWRO unit- 2×25 m3/hr
-    Water softeners – 400 m3/hr
-    Water circulation for furnaces
-    Supplying heat exchangers in the circuit of cooling tower
-    Supplying special wastewater pumps for transfer of casting machines
-    Wastewater treatment and recycling of oily and dusty wastewater of casting machine
-    Emergency elevated reservoir tank
-    New cooling tower & side stream filter
-    Revamping of old cooling tower
-    Firefighting system
-    Compressed process air for steel production process

Client: IRITEC (Iran International Engineering Company)
Project: Water Treatment Plant for Producing Industrial and Demin Water
Capacity: 17.280 m3/day

One water treatment system which consists of pretreatment & BWRO constructed to produce industrial & potable water for khorasan steel plant. Pretreatment of such system, includes, different chemical dosing stations, flash mixing, flocculation and superpulsator lamella settler followed by gravity sand filters. In second part of this system, cartridge filters followed by skids of BWRO.
The capacity of above system designed for 770 m3/hr.

Client: Nasr Consortium
Project: Seawater R.O Desalination Plant for EPC 1 PHASE 12
Capacity: 5.000 m3/day

One of the main components of EPC1 project in gas field phase 12, was production of potable water for employees and residents camps. The economical method for such case, designing, procurement and installation of one SWRO.
In 2010, Wahang Saran awarded  for above mentioned tender and finally qualified for such project.
This project includes, digging shore area well, transportation pumps, pressurized sand filters, 5μ cartridge filters, SWRO skids & dosing station for potable water demineralization.
The energy recovery system was turbocharger.