Membrane Cleaning Products :
Genesol  32 : Change biocide or Genesol 30.Also used as membrane preservative.
Genesol  34 : Biodegradable chelating agent .Used to breakdown cell walls and biofilm plus chelate with metal
ions in wash solution. Will not persist the environment  when wash solution is discarded.
When used in conjuction with Genesol 36 will raise the pH of the resulting wash solution which will then have
a powerful cleaning effect against biofilms and metal ion fouling.
Genesol  36 : Near neutral pH detergent.
Genesol  37 : Strong acid scale remover.
Genesol  38 : Complex of Ammoniated Citric acid buffered to pH3.5 and blended with a surfactant. Main target
foulant is Iron but will also remove light deposits of Calcium carbonate. Should not be used to clen heavily scaled
Genesol  40 : High pH detergent.
Genesol  50 : Chelating agent used to breakdown cell walls and biofilm. When used together with Genesol  36
will produce a high pH wash solution which will then have a powerful cleaning effect  against biofouling and metal
ion deposits.
Genesys 703 : Powder form , alkaline cleaner for removing colloidal and organic fouling , particulary , Aluminium silicates .